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“Through Britain’s Energy Coast I’ve been able to help some extraordinary small businesses in West Cumbria – it’s rewarding and invigorates my soul”
Client     Britain’s Energy Coast
What was our brief:

It’s over eight years since I started providing marketing consultancy to clients of WCDA (now part of Britain’s Energy Coast – BEC). The range of businesses varies from engineering and nuclear, to confectioners, fishmongers and play centres. The brief: Provide marketing and PR support to small businesses in the early years of trading, or trying to enter the supply chain network. Help them gain experience in marketing and exposure to their respective customer bases. This will be achieved with one to one business support as well as a series of group workshops and seminars.

What did we do:

Initial visit to client ascertains the level of marketing support needed. In many cases my background in general management has proved to be invaluable – identifying operational issues as well as marketing opportunities. Bespoke plans are developed – usually including press releases, but mainly including a marketing communication plan that can be implemented over time and led by clients once they get their feet wet and have developed a greater understanding of ‘how to make it happen’.

Having such a diverse range of clients is beneficial – from my perspective – it gives me great leads with the media and from a client perspective, they have a better chance of hitting journalists at the right time.

What did they say:

Tracey supports many of our local businesses with Marketing and PR consultancy funded through our Business Support programmes.  Her strong network of contacts within the media is just one part of the package, for me her ability to inspire and reinvigorate the businesses she works with is by far her biggest asset.  With a passion for Cumbria she actively encourages collaboration between local businesses to strengthen their position in the market, she genuinely cares about her clients and always strives to ensure that they receive as many positive outcomes from her input as possible, often going above and beyond the call of duty.

She’s Dedicated, Passionate, Cumbrian, Inspired, Connected, Supportive

Shelly Gambles – Business Support Manager, Britain’s Energy Coast www.britainsenergycoast.co.uk

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