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Job Done!
“Back to my roots – marketing and farming. A remarkable client, so I’m chuffed to be an integral part of their marketing and brand development team.”
Client     Lakes Free Range Egg Co.
What was our brief:

‘Can you help us develop an egg brand please.’ ‘Now can you help us with another’…. ‘and perhaps help with a bit more of the marketing?’ This is eggsactly the kind if brief I love. Local designers and farming connections led to this ever growing client relationship. The brief is now fairly open, ongoing and varied!

What did we do:

Initially working with Eden Graphics to create a brand called Natures Nest, I now worked directly with the Lakes Free Range Egg Company on all their brands including the Lakes brand and more recently ‘Laid With Love’. Seven years! I’m itching to see what is in store next. Market Sense works across the marketing spectrum – everything from brand development, packaging, PR, marketing planning and photography. There are a few other quirky things too – like working out how many jersey cows equal 10 tonnes, boiling eggs in onion skins and waiting for a steam train to go by (don’t ask!).

What did they say:

“Tracey – we know you do a mountain of work behind the scenes for all sorts of clients. Their success is your success and that reflects well on Cumbria. For us, you really are part of our team. You have an obvious passion for food and a great ability to communicate with our customers – both retailers and consumers.

You make things happen and your wide network of contacts is eagerly shared for the benefit of all.  Whether it’s creating a stand for McDonald’s, organising tree planting with Sainsbury’s, visiting stores or linking with schools, we know you always speak on behalf of our brands in a voice that is reassuringly ours.

Going the extra mile is part of what you do – whether that’s literally doing the Race for Life, supporting us at Taste Cumbria or taking care of our awards. It makes you a great asset.”

David Brass, Chief Executive Officer, The Lakes Free Range Egg Company www.lakesfreerange.co.uk

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